Alien Hunters a division of UFO Association

Alien Hunters Organizers


Derrel W Sims – Texas ( 1st Alien Hunter on record with TJ Morris dba ACIR, ACO)

Theresa J Morris – Florida

Steve Colbern – California

: Steve Colbern is a Chemist/Materials Scientist with over 20 years of industrial experience. He is currently working in the area of carbon nanotubes and working to start a nanotechnology company.
In the UFO field, Steve does analysis of alien implants, UFO crash debris, and other physical evidence found on or around experiencers of alien contact. He was a partner of the late Dr. Roger Leir from 2008 until his death in 2014.
Steve met Dr. Leir after seeing him as a patient, shortly after a mysterious object appeared in his toe in 2008. Steve analyzed several alleged alien implants that Dr. Roger Leir removed from his patients, including his own, and has uncovered startling findings.
Steve is currently doing analysis of reported alien material and can be contacted at steve@neutronstarnanotech,com